Meet FlexiFunnels ™ Editor…

Build Websites & Sales Funnels Without Coding

A simple, easy-to-use drag & drop page builder that even
a 6-year-old can use to create world-class funnels
and landing pages

Build Sites Without Coding!!

Simple Drag & Drop

Yes, you heard it right. We have changed the game altogether. Build pro-level designed sites using our rich visual editor with simple
drag & drop technology & premium designing features. It’s easy, fast & filled with website design features never seen before.

Futuristic Design Options


Drag. Drop. Done.

You literally just have to move the elements on your site where you want them & you are done. No complicated coding is involved ever.


Endless Design Options

Our editor comes with all the elements & design settings you need to give your page the perfect look just like the way you imagined.


Advanced Styling Features

There is literally no design you cannot create with FlexiFunnels. Move elements front or back. Rotate or Skew. Animate. Or move them 360°. You can do it all.


Instant Editing

Want to replace text? Just type. DONE. Replace Image? Double click. Select a new image. DONE. Video? Just put the URL. Everything is so Easy & Instant.


Real-Time Publishing

The moment you are done with the changes, just click on “Publish” and your changes will go live on your site instantly. No waiting at all.



Use FlexiFunnels from any device from anywhere in the world by just logging in with your username & password. Not just limited to Windows or Mac or any device.


Mobile Responsive

Pages made on FlexiFunnels are fully mobile responsive by default. And then, in case, you want to change something, you have all the controls to do it.


Increase Your Leads

We have included all the marketing features you need to grow your leads on - Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram and Messenger.


Increase Your Sales

High converting checkout pages, timers, coupons, bump offers, cart abandon recovery and there is so much more to increase your sales.

Super Fast Hosting
& Accelerated Page Delivery

You don’t need any 3rd party hosting for loading FlexiFunnels pages.
We provide you with the fastest CDN hosting that loads your pages in a flash. Just like that.


Check out the video to see the page speed comparison.

You will be literally surprised to see the speed of pages on FlexiFunnels.

According to studies, an extra 1 second load time makes you lose 38% audience in comparison to 9%. (Source -

Let’s See The Bigger Picture -
Out of every 1000 people who come to your website to buy your products/services, you automatically lose 380 potential customers without even realising!

That’s because of the delay of just 1 second. Every second delay is like leaking money out of your pocket.

Pages made on FlexiFunnels on the other hand are lightning quick. Check out the video above to see the difference.

So You Are Saved From The Massive Revenue Drain Without Doing A Single Thing Because Of Using FlexiFunnels.We provide you with the fastest CDN hosting that loads your pages in a flash. Just like that.

300+ Ready To Use High Converting Templates

You are getting “300+ ready-to-use” page templates that you can use to get your pages ready within seconds.

These are professionally done templates proven to convert more leads & sales. All that you need to do is just edit the text, image, video, and other elements in these templates and start using them asap.

These include templates for offline business, local businesses, course creators, network marketers, digital product sellers, OTO pages, Downsell pages, Checkout pages, Webinar pages, Lead Generation Pages & every kind of page that exists under the sun (and moon).

So whether you just got up and decided to launch a full-fledged funnel today itself or want to meet close deadlines that client gave you to build a converting webpage… You can do that in seconds with the DFY Funnels & Pages. We can just say “It’s cool, right?” Pretty cool!!

Have a look at some of the cool templates that we have:


FlexiFunnels Demo

Message From Saurabh Bhatnagar (CEO - FlexiFunnels)

Did you see how easy it is to make a page using FlexiFunnels?

Now no longer you will have to pay expensive coders or developers to get your pages or website ready. More importantly, no more waiting time after you share your website idea with the website developers.

You know what…
… Even I come from a no-coding background
(B.Sc Physics Honours to be precise).

It was back in 2015 when I had my first online product idea. After I shared my website idea with the developers, it took continuous back & forth discussions for 2 months with the developers to get the design, page flow, HTML, payment integration, data collection & everything else to get ready.

It was not a good experience at all.

We entrepreneurs like to do things with speed. With this traditional approach, it kills our speed which is a big loss. Plus, the good amount of money we need to pay to the developers to get everything done every single time and stay dependent on them to do any future changes. It just breaks the

We knew that there would be so many dreamers like us, who want their idea to come to life but are not able to do so because of all these technical limitations.

And that’s exactly why we made FlexiFunnels. So you can do all of this just in a few days hours completely on your own without having to rely on any developers ever!!

FlexiFunnels is your all-in-one solution to run & manage your entire online business from one single place.


Turn Your Imagination
Into Reality


With FlexiFunnels Futuristic Design Options

You can create anything using FlexiFunnels. We give you all kinds of website design customization options
so you can create attractive pages & sites straight out of your imagination.

Check out some of the

Next level cutting edge website design Customization Options You Will Get


Spotlight To Highlight

Give realistic 3D effects to all your textual-visual designs using FlexiFunnels Box Shadows. Purely made to spotlight important page highlights. Using contrasting shadow color, shadow spread, density, and direction; you can now apply tricky Design Lighting Principles easily with FlexiFunnels Shadow Features.

Margin & Padding

Create Attention Magnets

Give visually accurate positioning to attention-demanding design elements, with FlexiFunnels Margin & Padding. Confusing CSS Margins & Padding now simplified at FlexiFunnels, with simply useful slider controls. Yes! No geometry involved.


Photoshop Essential

FlexiFunnels main feature of Transforms comes with sub-features of Scaling, Translate, Rotation, and Skew options. Each present to meet various design aspirations. From Isometric designs to Perspective designing, use this photoshop essential in FlexiFunnels with easy slider controls.

Shape Dividers

Design Landscape

FlexiFunnels lets you flip and invert a variety of pre-loaded shape divider designs. From dreamy cloud shape dividers to strict arrow shape dividers, we have dozens of artful collections. Re-designing of the same is possible with our color editing, size resizing, margin, padding spacing, and many other style settings.

Hover Settings

Extract Focus From Attention

Extract focus from attention using FlexiFunnels' hover settings on design elements like Price Tables, CTAs, Menu Tabs, Bonuses, and even Social Media Icons. For better navigation, from hover motion. An essential add-on to smoothly increase overall visual alertness in UX (User Experience).

Border Radius &

No Boring Borders

Feel the beauty of borders, using FlexiFunnels unique Border Styles, artistic Border Radius including the beautiful joint end borders, and versatile border colours for important outlines. Everything given, to get you the attention you want.

Inline Editor

Textual Design Messages

Specially made for all your textual design messages. FlexiFunnels In-Line Editor is a designing work desk. Loaded with 100+ Font Family, Font Styles, Font Colour, Font Size, Weight, Text Alignment, and Capitalization Options etc. to help you create your own typeface.


Turn Movements Into Moments

Make your design alive with feelings, using our 80+ animation effects. All neatly classified as per their mood and nature. FlexiFunnels gives you Attention Seekers, Flippers, Lightspeed effect, and many life-giving animations to revive your flat textual-visual designs.

Clone Component

Experiment Seriously

Use our on-page clone component to copy-paste and duplicate : images, videos, forms, CTA buttons, forms, and whatnot! Create uniform page designs for your “Brand Profile” this way. FlexiFunnels Clone Component is to help you attain design unity and uniformity with design replication section-wise, row-wise, and even element-wise. All of this within a fraction of seconds.

Background Images, Colors & Gradients

Design Scenery

Design as heavily as you want. Give a full-screen size background image, color, and duotone to multi-tone color gradient to your background. Create your design scenery unstoppably. Get to decide on: Background Size, Background Position, Background Direction, to Background Duration of each design block. Behind the scene, FlexiFunnels is there to make your heavy background designs light with its Ferrari-like speedy page optimization technology.


Overlay Of Layout

With Absolute, Relative, and Fixed Position Relative, you continue defining the depth of your page layout with FlexiFunnels simple-to-use slider controls. A design option to help you create floating to static design elements. We have Position-relative with Z-Index property for overlap or overlay any design element. With FlexiFunnels, you can desire, decide, and design everything visually easily.

Responsive Editing

At Your Service

Pages created in Desktop view, automatically become mobile responsive with FlexiFunnels. However, you can edit and design the mobile view specifically using our mobile ‘Builder View’. One that helps in arranging design elements especially as per mobile screen. Same is also useful for those who find convenience following ‘mobile first’ UX design principle. With such bi-directional editing options, FlexiFunnels responsive editing is at your service.


Design Elements

Check below all the most commonly used design elements that you can use to get your sales boosting funnels & pages
ready within seconds. Just drag & drop them wherever you want them on the page.



Ace Your Style To Sell

Ace selling visually. With FlexiFunnels easy drag & drop manuals, to perform multiple image uploads in seconds. Be it PNG, JPEG, or SVG, image files of almost all types can be uploaded in FlexiFunnels. The same can be framed by box shadows, border-radius, and many other style settings for extra image enhancement + advancements.


Slide, Glide, And Decide

Display your best to the rest. Get freedom to add as many pictures as you want in FlexiFunnels Picture Animation Sliders. To let them slide, glide, and decide to choose you.



Youtube To Vimeo

Play your best video sales pitch with FlexiFunnels eye-catchy video border frames. Set your desired video frame size, and video background borders for better video outlines. Be it videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HTML5, or Custom Embedded videos, FlexiFunnels will make your best even better.

Floating Video

Display & Play With Speed & Style

Turn your landing page into a Video Sales theatre. Display & play Floating Videos in artistic video border frames of any size you want. Big or small, if a picture paints 1,000 words; a video displays 10,000 words! Be it videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HTML5, or Custom Embedded videos, FlexiFunnelss can play & display with speed & style.



Sell With Words

Along with FlexiFunnels in-line text editor, where you get 100+ modern to classic font styles, sizes, and settings packed in 1 in-line editor. You also get FlexiFunnels specific style settings for all text elements like text animation, text loading on scrolling or page loading, Text Hover, and even text opacity settings. All this to make your valued copywriting, even more, effective with satisfying typography of texts.


Design Story Connector

Design clean-looking pages with FlexiFunnels editable Dividers. Decide if it loads on page scroll, or while the page loads. Get to set its length, breadth, height, and overall size as per shape & style. Give each of your dividers a light frosty glass look with shadow and ten % color opacity, or visibly solid and loud with a hundred % opacity. Color it, shadow it, or shape it into a stylish high-resolution background filler! FlexiFunnels dividers are pretty perfect design story connectors for all creators.



Action Of Reaction

Create an uncountable variety of curvy to pointy Call to Action Buttons, fully editable with FlexiFunnels. Shadow it, to give it a 3-D look. Color it, to make it look attractive. Or hyperlink it, to turn it navigational. FlexiFunnels gives ordinary Call to Action Buttons, a new definition with its extraordinary design options.


Unspoken Mini-Ideas

FlexiFunnels icons are mini-ideas explained without words. Use our intelligent icons at any place you want, including CTA buttons. FlexiFunnels’ 500+ carefully selected icons are totally clickable, editable, actionable, valuable, and usable design elements.


Custom Code Element

For Coder Friends

We also decode HTML-CSS codes on our Editor page. As our coder friends love to code. Like we say, FlexiFunnels is for everyone. Means we leave no one behind.


Mirrors Custom Design

Use FlexiFunnels i-frame to mirror your exclusive custom made web pages. Pair it with FlexiFunnels Funnel Logic for a win-win, winner deal for self. FlexiFunnels iFrame can make beautiful designs, useful.

Here's a Quick iFrame Example Below:


List items

Pinpoint Master Points

To pinpoint all your master points, use FlexiFunnels List Items. Design each of your bullet points with any of our 100+ Fonts, Font Colour, and Font Style Settings. Or simply use FlexiFunnels pre-designed Features & Benefits Built-in Block, for a unique presentation of all your masterpoints.

Menu & Mobile Menu

Control Uncontrolled Scrolling

Discoverable, navigational, and customizable, desktop menu and mobile menu widgets can be created using FlexiFunnels page builder view. Here you get to add a sub-menu to each main menu tab, make every tab hover, or open hyperlinked menu options in the new tab. FlexiFunnels fixed position relative to desktop and mobile menu can help control uncontrolled scrolling of users.


List Group

Sell Ideas First

Group a team of your top saleable ideas, using FlexiFunnels List Group. Use this important space, to add textual descriptions of all important points to tell. Present ideas that sell, giving due importance to letter spacing, line spacing, designer bullet points, and icons like never before. Design your list group any way you want, FlexiFunnels is to give you every design flexibility you want.

Grid Items

Collectively Best

Display your best collection of multimedia selections using FlexiFunnels grid items features. Give attractive headlines and narrative subheadlines to each. Mix visual with textual design elements to enhance the importance of your best display collections. This is one feature that has multi-purpose uses, where team introductions to product orientations everything can be given all at one place.


Progress Bar

Level Up User Experience

Show loading success, with our green progress bar. Increase the sense of urgency, using a red progress bar, and there is a lot more to it. With FlexiFunnels you can create Interactive, Animative, and Suggestive progress with or without percentage value. Design it any way you want. It’s all yours.

And there are so many more. All the above are the most commonly used elements.

Built-In Blocks

World Class, Professionally Designed sections that you can simply import in just 1 click. Our team has spent hours & hours of time giving you the perfect-looking page sections that you can add anywhere on the page.

This will massively increase your page designing speed while adding an extra professional touch.

You can also SAVE any of your sections as a “built-in block” that you can use anytime later on any other page.

Here are some of the most popular categories for which we have given you ready-to-use professional sections:


Editing Controls


Shortcuts For Editing

Shortcuts for editing Keys to unlock speed

Habitual of old keyboard shortcut tricks? Don’t worry, Ctrl + B, Ctrl + I, Ctrl + U, Cmd + B, Cmd + I, Cmd + U etc are functional in FlexiFunnels.


Undo, Redo And Save

Creation of perfection

Double the speed of every page creation step, with FlexiFunnels Undo & Redo buttons. Closely placed side-by-side, to help you edit fast until satisfied.


Builder View - Desktop, Mobile

Screen fitting view

Create desktop and mobile screen-fitting compatible designs, using FlexiFunnels Builder View. Where creating is as easy as publishing. FlexiFunnels Build View.



SEO Optimized CSS

With FlexiFunnels custom code option, feel free to customize your page design with CSS code. Give timeless creative flexibility to each of your page layouts this way. From adding 3D assets to giving a full-screen parallax effect, your page design can be renovated anytime you want in FlexiFunnels.


Generate More Leads, Build Your Brand & Increase Your Social Media
Following Using The Marketing Elements Of FlexiFunnels.


Collect Leads Using Contact Form Builder

Leads Attendance Form

FlexiFunnels gives you the privilege of designing vertical/horizontal layout forms, along with the option to add as many custom fields as you want. Helpful to build a collection of business connections, simply with FlexiFunnels Contact Forms whose textual, visual, to functional design everything is editable.


Digital Assets - Deliver eBooks, PDFs or Any Quick Files Automatically

Delivery Of Leads Need

Deliver digital assets after email opt-in, via automated email after purchase, or direct leads to a FlexiFunnels URL where your uploaded digital assets stay online. Build your Lead Asset, using FlexiFunnels Digital Asset delivery this way.


Invites Leads & Sales

Open your pop-ups automatically on page load. Or get it opened with/without clicks on buttons, icons, and images using FlexiFunnels Pop-Ups Settings. Make page entry of pop-ups interesting, instead of irritating; with FlexiFunnels pop-ups’ design editing options. Design a look that hooks, set its apt entry & exit time, and make a point of sales/conversions/email opt-in using FlexiFunnels pop-ups feature.


Social Media Sharing

Connect To Stay Connected

Connect and stay connected with your target audience, using FlexiFunnels insanely good Social Media Link Blocks. We have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype, LinkedIn, and whatnot! All clubbed in a straight line, to circle your Landing Page with social media traffic.

Generate Inbound Leads On Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Email, Phone Call

Tell & Sell

Become trustable, contactable, and reachable using FlexiFunnels Callable Links a link that timely links you, to your lead customers call via: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Skype Calls directly. Made exclusively for you to tell & sell.


and of course you can do all these as well…


Tracking Pixels In Head & Body Code


Connect Your Own Domain


Add SEO Meta Details


Add Your Favicon

Sell Your Product

Convert More Sales, Get a Higher Average Order Returns Per Sale and Better Long-Term Value Per Customer Using Smart Sales Elements Of FlexiFunnels.


High Converting Checkout Pages to Get You More Sales

Automated Salesperson

FlexiFunnels Checkout Pages Templates, are designed to sell successfully like an automated persuasive salesperson. Along with major payment gateways integrations, bump offer features, coupon code, countdown timers, editable design blocks, and trackable sales data etc. you basically gift yourself highly converting checkout pages! Everything for everyone only with FlexiFunnels.


1 Click Payment Gateway Integration

Consumer Interest Protection

FlexiFunnels settings of payment integrations, help you connect with multiple payment gateway integrations. To simultaneously ensure seller convenience and consumer interest protection, at our highly converting checkout page designs. Everything at the speed of a 1- click, wink, and blink.

Use Urgency To Sell More Using Date Timer, Evergreen Timer & Day Timer

Turn Time Into Money

Create URGE to buy, by creating URGENCY using FlexiFunnels Countdown Timers. Create a psychological need to buy, with a ticking digital clock set as per your Global Time Zone. Choose & Use FlexiFunnels Evergreen Timer, for an unstoppable urgency effect in each page visit. Create a Date Timer to end offers at a particular date, or use a Day-Timer that refreshes its countdown after every visit. Get, set, go with the promotion of everything old, as brand new using fresh dates and times. All this, by using FlexiFunnels editable Countdown Timers.



Made To Love

Create offers, to create sales opportunities using FlexiFunnels Coupons Feature. Create your company branded coupon code, personalized customer name coupon code, specific time-based coupon code, a single product or all products coupon codes only with FlexiFunnels Custom Coupon Codes option. Build your coupon lovers email list. Make Big Coupon announcements using FlexiFunnels Headers Builders, and a lot more to make visitors reach the Checkout Page fast.

Bump Offer

18-37% Increased Cart Value

Increase Total Billing Value by 18-37%, with FlexiFunnels editable Bump Offer feature. An offer that sells among customers in buying mood and mode, all collected as data in FlexiFunnels Reporting Dashboard. Use more than one FlexiFunnels Bump Offer to sell more and more of your complimentary products/services, just before final billing. How exciting! For those who are ready to buy, and happy to buy more.


Subscription Payments (Upcoming)

Flexible Lovable Payment Options

If you have a product/service in which you need to collect payments after every fixed time interval, you can use the feature of subscription payments by FlexiFunnels.

FlexiFunnels allows you to create weekly, every 14 days, every 15 days, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly payment subscriptions.

- You can even create a trial period that collects payments automatically when the subscription begins.

- Plus, you can create payment subscriptions in which you can collect a fixed amount the first time and then a different fixed recurring payment amount.

With so many advanced customizations you can create a really good recurring income stream for yourself by using FlexiFunnels.

Data Integration

Multi-Useful For Multiple Users

You are getting all the advanced integrations with your favourite autoresponders & webinar platforms so you can pass your leads & sales data to these platforms.

Want to go fancy? We have webhooks as well to send your data anywhere.


Reporting Dashboard &
Advanced Analytics


FlexiFunnels reporting dashboard & analytics is nothing like you have ever seen before.

When it comes to scaling a business, data management & optimization becomes the key. Our advanced reporting dashboard & analytics make this process so easy that all the data that you need is always at your fingertips with really easy-to-use filters. This will help you optimize better & fast which ultimately leads to scaling your business fast.

  • See All Your Leads & Sales Data In the Detailed Reporting Dashboard
  • Failed Payments Cart Abandon Data
  • Easy Data Filtering & Sorting
  • Advanced Analytics

FlexiFunnels Security

Your Safety = Our Security


Your Website/ Pages Won’t Be Down

One of the major reasons why many pages built on landing page builders often get down is because of the continuous app development that keeps going on in the backend. We have put our backend app development & frontend pages of our customers on completely different servers. So even when we are doing continuous backend app development, your website/pages will never get down because of the totally separate servers.


AWS Auto-Scaling Que To Ensure Your Leads Processes Never Fail

As you scale your online business, your leads/sales frequency will grow. We have used AWS auto-scaling que structure to ensure none of your processes will ever fail because of the server. So whether you have 100 people signing up or even 1 Lakh at the same time, the auto-scaling tech ensures that all of your processes will happen without any hassles while ensuring that your data is never lost.


DDOS Protected Pages

All your pages are completely DDOS protected & secure. So you don’t need to worry of the attackers trying to get your business down.


Automatic SSL

All your pages, websites, and funnels you build on FlexiFunnels are SSL enabled automatically. So you don’t have to spend your time & energy worrying about it. While your pages will show a “secure” sign all the time to your customers.

You Can Do So Much More With 

You Can Do So Much More With FlexiFunnels

On this page I showed you how powerful the FlexiFunnels editor is. But there is so much more you can do with FlexiFunnels.

Check below all the individual advanced features of FlexiFunnels in detail:


Editor & Hosting

Drag & Drop Website/Sales Funnel Builder. Fastest Loading CDN Hosting.



Host Your Courses. Piracy Protected Dashboard With Your Branding



Converting Checkout Pages Proven To Give You More Sales & Higher Average Order Value.



All Necessary Integrations To Help You Run Your Online Business On Automation



Highly Detailed Reporting Dashboard Covering In-Depth Stats Of Your Leads & Sales


Flexi Advanced

See Page Wise Conversion Stats So You Can Optimize &


Flexi Advanced Funnel Logics

Go Beyond Just A Single Price Variation Of Upsells &

FlexiFunnels Will Help Your Business Stand Out & Scale Fast

With FlexiFunnels you have got all the features to help you get better conversions at every single stage of your business.

FlexiFunnels will help you to…


Increase Your LEADS

The fast-loading pages of FlexiFunnels will decrease your bounce rate. Our professional templates will help you convert more leads. Advanced FlexiFunnels styling options will enhance your brand value which results in more leads. Our custom form builder lets you create vertical or horizontal or pop-up-based forms as per your converting design. You can add as many fields as you want. We store & show you all of your data in the reports dashboard.


Increase Your SALES

Professional checkout page templates of FlexiFunnels convert more visitors into sales. Elements like timers, coupons, value stacking, secure payment seal and testimonials on the checkout page lead to more conversions. We have a date timer, evergreen timer & day timer… you can choose between the 3 of them & decide to run even evergreen campaigns. Cart abandon feature helps you recover your lost sales.


Increase Average Order Value & Lifetime Customer Value And Save Your Losses

Bump offers, advanced multi-pricing funnels, course bundling and automated upselling increase your average order value & lifetime customer value. Security features like course piracy protection, DDOS protected pages, AWS based auto-scaling mechanism saves your overall business losses. Automatic product access delivery and necessery integration lead to happier
customers. And saves the refund of course.


Long Term Growth & Easy Management

The subscription payment feature brings more long-term revenue. Our advanced Analytics shows you where exactly your business needs optimization so you can focus & grow your conversions there. And our in-depth reporting dashboard helps you manage your entire business from one single place.

And The Best Part Is:

You Can Do All Of It From One Single FlexiFunnels
Dashboard On Complete Automation.

Just set it once & let it do the job for you day in & day out. Completely automated.

This is where FlexiFunnels really stands apart & it helps you stand out from the crowd!!

Don’t Have a Business
Of Your Own?

See How Newbie Entrepreneurs Are Making $500-$1,500 Per Project By Providing
Website, Sales Funnel Creation Services To Clients Using FlexiFunnels

There are tons & tons of our members who are generating a great income by providing website & sales funnel creation services to clients.

As many as 1,00,000+ new domains & businesses get registered DAILY (Source - WhoisDS ). So there is never a shortage of new businesses looking to get these services.

We have included our “Client Getting Training” in your access that will show you how you can research new clients, reach out to them & close them for your services.

You can easily provide website/ funnel/ product sales/ course creation/ lead generation and more services to clients using FlexiFunnels. Some of which you can even deliver to your clients within a day by using the DFY setup of FlexiFunnels.

Some of our members are charging anywhere between $500-$1,500 per website. And for other services, you can get paid even higher.

And then you can offer your clients more marketing services like Traffic, Funnels, Copywriting, Email Marketing and Conversions after learnings from the trainings we have provided you.

Thousands of success stories of our members is a proof that this works:


FlexiFunnels Saves You Thousands Of Dollars Per Month

Let’s See How Much Money FlexiFunnels Saves A Normal Customer

Product / Service



Advanced CDN Hosting

All Included



Funnel Builder

All Included


$1,200/Year Min

CheckOut Platform

All Included


$1,200/Year Min

Course Membership Platform

All Included


$600/Year Min

Integration With Major Autoresponders & Webinar Platforms

All Included


$360/Year Min.

Advanced Analytics

All Included

No such platform

Detailed Data & Reports

All Included

No such platform


Just $397/Year

$3,859/Year Minimum

+Add Element

Launch Special

+Add Element

Minimum Saving of $3,500 Per Year


Minimum Saving of $3,500 Per Year

Ready To Get Started?

Pick the plan that best suits your requirements right now…


Professional Plan









Payment Gateway










1% transaction fee on all transactions

$ 397 /Year


Limited Offer









Payment Gateway










1% transaction fee on all transactions

$ 397 /Year


Premium Plan









Payment Gateway










1% transaction fee on all transactions

$ 697 /Year


Limited Offer









Payment Gateway










1% transaction fee on all transactions

$ 397 /Year

We have negotiated discounted pricing with payment gateways. So we save you money there as well

The custom code element you just added won’t be visible in the editor here. Please go to the published page URL after publishing, you will be able to find your element there.

To Quickly Summarise What You Are Getting…


Drag & drop page builder along with 300+ ready-to-use page templates to make any kind of landing page or website for yourself or your clients


Fastest CDN hosting for your pages that loads even the heaviest of pages in less than 3 seconds max


Course membership area which is fully piracy protected and also helps you upsell your other products on automation


Conversion optimized checkout pages to increase your sales


Data integration for leads & sales with autoresponders, webinar platforms, and via webhook


Multiple marketing tools like advanced sales funnel logics, coupons, bump offers, date/day/evergreen timers, cart abandon payment recovery system, subscription payment feature, course drip-feed feature, pop-ups, auto product access delivery and much more to increase your overall business revenue


Detailed reporting dashboard showing leads & sales data with detailed filters so you can manage everything in one place


Detailed analytics showing the conversion stats of all of your pages so you can immediately improve your conversions

More importantly, all of this inside one single FlexiFunnels dashboard. So you don’t have to pay the subscription fee for at least 10 different softwares, and the extra management (headache) that is required to manage & make them work all together. You can do all of it now right inside FlexiFunnels.

FlexiFunnels Will Help You If You Are A...



Use FlexiFunnels for your clients' work & generate income. FlexiFunnels users on average have got paid $500-$3,000 per website, funnel and course creation project.



Give superior results to your clients because of the high-tech security, speed & advanced features of FlexiFunnels. This in turn will help you to charge more from them.


Product Owner

Increase your leads & sales using the advanced marketing & sales features of FlexiFunnels. Some of our customers have seen an instant 2X growth in their business after shifting to FlexiFunnels.



Learn how to get clients through our client getting workshop and start offering website, funnel and course creation services to clients. Also, if you have a product idea, launch it using FlexiFunnels.


Digital Marketer

You need the BEST tool in the market to maximize your digital marketing skills. FlexiFunnels gives you all the advanced features to get you the best results using your skills.


Network Marketer

The holy grail of network marketing business is getting more leads. FlexiFunnels advanced marketing features will help you get more leads. Use them to get more sales.


Local Business

The world has quickly shifted to making purchase decisions online. Get your business online using our simple drag & drop technology and grow your business.


Affiliate Marketer

Make bridge funnels, lead gen funnels or nurturing funnels to get affiliate marketing sales on automation.


Course Creator

FlexiFunnels is the most secured & easy to use course hosting platform. From course hosting to selling to delivering access, you can do it all with FlexiFunnels.



Generate an extra income by creating lead gen funnels or selling quick products on your blog using high-converting FlexiFunnels templates.


Social Media Influencer

Create automated lead gen funnels. Or quickly create quick info products (ebooks, courses) and put them for selling using FlexiFunnels. This will help you generate extra income.


Physical Product Seller

FlexiFunnels can help you if you create single product sales funnels. Example - Books, Cosmetics, Supplements, etc. You cannot do a multi-product store on FlexiFunnels yet. (Being honest).

Premium Support

(Sincerely yours)


Live Chat Support & Ticketing System

We believe in providing support when you need it. We have live chat support executives sitting from 9 AM - 10 PM (IST timezone) as of now. They are very well trained to handle all your queries in real-time. And just in case, a query cannot be resolved immediately or it comes outside the live chat window, that query can be converted into a support ticket which we resolve as quickly as possible.


Detailed Features Knowledgebase & Trainings

We have a detailed knowledge base with step-by-step articles for every single feature. Plus, we have created detailed training for every feature with English subtitles. All in all, you will find the answers for everything you are looking for right inside our knowledgebase & tutorials section.


3 Complimentary 1-on-1 Onboarding Calls

We want to help you get started in the fastest possible way. You can book a 1-on-1 personalized call with our specialist team at your date & time convenience. It’s for you to ask any queries that you may have so that you don’t have to figure out everything on your own. We are more than happy to help you achieve your goals using FlexiFunnels.


Bi-Weekly Live FlexiFunnels Q&A Session

We do a live Q&A session for our customers every alternate Friday. Wherein you can ask your queries, and also learn from the queries of the other customers.

Customers Feel Happy & Confident Using FlexiFunnels

We have received rave reviews from the beta users of FlexiFunnels about the product as well as about our customer support. Please have a look…


Sid G


The Best tool!

Just Amazing creating of landing pages was never so easy. I am excited with all these features which not only save time but makes life easy!


Raj Arora


I found Flexifunnels easy and very…

I found Flexifunnels easy and very useful for my business. I am going to use it fully to gain more leads & sales.
The best part is it's all automated in many aspects. we just need to fill in the basic info and design our pages. The best part is it's friendly for non-tech people also.


Saikat Chowdhury


One of the best funnel builders in the market

One of the best funnel builders in the market. Fully up to date, self-explanatory, easy to understand, and user-friendly. Thank you for providing such an all-in-one mechanism.


Varun Berry


Dream True for a Non-Techee Person

Being from a Non-Tech Background, I would say that this is something which can gives wings to a innovative and independent person or a team who would like to create their products, landing pages and lot more. I express my sincere and deepest gratitude to the entire team to bring this unimaginable product to us. Thank You


Jagruti Surange


Whole , complete and perfect

Whole, Complete and Perfect.
Flexi funnel is just a complete set,
The most beautiful and most easy landing page builder.
Almost every thing ready. And most important it's so user-friendly.


Sagar Poojary


User Friendly Product

A prominent feature of FlexiFunnels is that it's user friendly and designed with the end user in mind.

In order to use FlexiFunnel, you do not need to have any advanced technical skills. By thoroughly going through the training and webinar recordings uploaded under FLEXIFUNNELS - TRAININGS, in 2 -3 days, you will learn most of the things quickly and easily.


Sourav Ghosh


Affordable and Super powerful Funnel builder …

I had been looking for a powerful funnel builder and couldn't find anything that matched my needs until I found Flexi Funnel. It is the only tool in the market to have the level of functionality I needed at an affordable price point. They also offer free hosting and provide 24/7 support. It is so easy to use and brought my funnel to life!


Suchait Goel


A one-stop solution for all your…

A one-stop solution for all your business. I personally was looking to build my website for so much time and procrastinating just because of the challenging interface of other page builders or their high expenses. But now when I have got ready-made premium templates from Flexi-Funnels it has made it truly a breeze. Also, the speed you get is genuinely incredible. 100% recommendable.


Vishist kumar


The experience is wonderful

The experience is wonderful, the easiest tool I have seen in the market, I would say even better than click funnels at times, the best part is - Saves a lot of money, Energy, and Time.


Husain Dhamangamwala


Best Software till date

It's the best software I have used till now. I have used many software earlier but this one beats everything.


Malay Ray


I am loving to working in this…

I am loving to working in this platform. Flexifunnels made my work more easier to create landing pages. I have already made two pages and soon going to create multiple pages. Great support from the team and training is also awesome. You don't need to be an expert to use this. What is need attention, consistency that's all.


Ganesh Palshetkar


Simply A Wonderful Tool...

Thank you very much Mr Shubhadeep for wonderfully explaining the insight of Flexifunnel in short span of time. It was really a wonderful platform through which, I can now think of creating first Landing page of my own by simply drag and drop method, which I never thought off so easy. Now my first target is to create one landing page as soon as possible.

Once again thank you very much Mr Shubhadeep.




I have been working on flexifunnels for…

I have been working on flexifunnels for a while, the interface is easy to use. However, faced some challenges while building the page but their knowledge base is very helpful and support are available during working hours with quick chat support.
The best thing if you are starting out they have 3 booster calls where you can book a personalized call. Which is very very helpful, all the best to the team flexifunnels. Waiting for the grand launch.




Tool of the Year!

It was a great meeting with the FlexiFunnel team on a Zoom call. Professional, Knowledgeable, and Supportive!
These are the words that define the team.
I'm also stunned by the features on the platform. It will be extremely helpful in making my digital journey a piece of a cake.


Sk Rakesh


I have used the best software in the…

I have used the best software in the world so far. The biggest thing is that the support system Flexi team is fantastic as the name FlexiFunnels has given so much flexibility. No need to use multiple software platforms is a combination of various software, like automation and internal integration.


Poonam Rajharia


It was a wonderful and very helpful…

It was a wonderful and very helpful session by Siddhant Ji and Archana Ji.

Siddhant ji has taught me like a newbie and guided me to make my first Landing page. Which has given me lots of confidence.




I really love this funnel builder

I really love this funnel builder, creating landing pages and funnels is so easy and smooth that I love using it.
Anyone who wants to start their online business must have this software without any matter of doubt.


Nikhisma Hacks


Really easy and flexible funnel builder…

Really easy and flexible funnel builder . Has all the necessary details and tutorials built in . Also has all the templates that make funnel building really easy and has all the necessary integration with payment gateways and autoresponders .


Lokesh Rai


This is really a great tool for…

This is really a great tool for marketers and funnel builder i must say nobody will provide this amount of resource as like flexi funnel highly recommended to you buy this amazing funnel builder,.


Bhushan Patil


My experience with FlexiFunnels is Awesome

My experience with FlexiFunnels is amazing, there are very flexible and simple ways to build a successful funnel. Email integration with any autoresponder is easy and we can attach a payment getaway easily! Thanks to Saurabh sir for making such wonderful funnel-building software.


Viney Kumar


Usages of FlexiFunnel is Very Easy

Usages of FlexiFunnel is Very Easy. We can create Products and Landing Pages and Courses also on the Same Platform and we don't need to Use 4-5 Different softwares for the same which i like the most. Thanks for a Beautiful Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How exactly will FlexiFunnels help me?

Inside FlexiFunnels, you are getting everything you need to set up an online business. From making landing pages and websites to collecting leads to selling them products and delivering access to those products. Everything can be done inside FlexiFunnels.

Q. How will I get support if I get stuck anytime?

We have well-trained live chat support that’s available from 9 AM-10 PM from Monday to Saturday & 9 AM-6 PM on Sunday. IST timezone. You can find the live chat support option in the bottom right of your FlexiFunnels account. So simply reach out to us & we will help you immediately.

Q. My pages/courses will be on my domain? Will it also have FlexiFunnels branding?

The pages made on FlexiFunnels will be on the FlexiFunnels sub-domain by default. However, you can connect them with your domain (simple 2 click process inside FlexiFunnels), and then your pages, courses will be on your domain with your branding.

Q. What all kinds of apps can I integrate with?

We have an integration with payment gateway, autoresponder, and webinar platforms so you can collect payments and also pass leads/sales data to these apps in case you are using them. If you are an advanced user, we also have a Webhook feature to pass your data anywhere.

Q. Is it based on Windows or Mac? Do I need to install something to use FlexiFunnels?

FlexiFunnels is a cloud-based application. This means you can use it on your web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla using any system just by logging in. You can use FlexiFunnels just like you use Facebook simply by logging in using your browser. So you don’t need to install anything ever to use FlexiFunnels.

Q. Are there any long-term contracts?

NO. You can simply use FlexiFunnels based on a monthly or yearly subscription and cancel anytime you want.

Q. How do I get the updates? Do I need to pay for it?

Absolutely not. We regularly update FlexiFunnels with new features & site templates. You get access to all of them for FREE. And since FlexiFunnels is cloud-based so all the updates are applied automatically.

Q. Is there any refund guarantee?

For the new users, we have a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. So you can simply join today & use FlexiFunnels with the security that your money is safe.

Q. How soon will I get access to FlexiFunnels after the payment?

Immediately. Access will be automatically delivered to your email inbox immediately after the payment.

Q. What will happen to my leads & sales data if I cancel my account?

You won’t be able to access your data in case you cancel your account. But don’t worry you can use the “Export CSV” feature to download your leads & sales data before cancelling your account. Your data will be accessible back again when you join again.

Q. When my business scales, would FlexiFunnels be able to handle the load?

100% YES. FlexiFunnels is based on the auto-scaling tech of the biggest cloud computing platform in the world “AWS” (Amazon Web Servers). This means we can handle any amount of load and you won’t lose any lead or sale ever.

Q. Can I use FlexiFunnels for my clients?

Absolutely YES. We have no restrictions. You can make pages, websites and courses for your clients on FlexiFunnels. You can even connect your clients’ domain, payment gateway and autoresponders to manage everything using your FlexiFunnels account.

Q. Is my leads & sales data secure? Can somebody else also use it?

Your leads & sales data is 100% secured and only you can use it. It’s only gonna be visible to you only inside your reporting dashboard in your FlexiFunnels account. Nobody ever sees it or uses it including FlexiFunnels.

Q. Will my clients get to know that I have used FlexiFunnels for the project?

You can connect your clients’ domains for their pages/websites/courses. So they won’t see FlexiFunnels branding anywhere.

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