Advanced Course Membership Area

Take a Look at the Advanced Features of The Course Membership Area of FlexiFunnels

Piracy Protected Courses (OTT Level Security)

Course piracy has become a huge issue for the course creators. If you are a course creator, you know I am talking about a serious issue here. Once the course is leaked, there is no way you can keep selling your course at a good scale. 

With FlexiFunnels, we have solved that issue by incorporating OTT level streaming for the course videos. Because of which your course videos become secure. Like Netflix or other OTT platforms.

Just upload your course videos in FlexiFunnels and we take care of the rest. Now you can sleep in peace knowing your course is OTT level secured.

P.S - We have provided this feature for the paid courses only. Not for the free ones.


Maximum 2 IP Login

You don't want a situation in which your course access credentials are getting shared at multiple locations and you can't do anything about it.

We have added this automatic setting for every course in which each course can only be logged in from a maximum of 2 devices.

Any time a 3rd device tries to login, the first person will automatically get logged out.

Now no one will share their course access just like that.

At the end resulting in more sales for the course creators like you.

Data Protection

Your course buyers data is fully encrypted. Hence safe and secured on FlexiFunnels. Nobody can see your data except the ones who has access to your account.


Name & Email On Course Videos + IP Tracking

Another way through which course piracy happens is through screen recording the videos. We have added the feature with which your course buyers' name & email id will float on top of the course videos at multiple locations after every few seconds. 

Hence automatically ensuring that the course buyer cannot screen record the course or else they will get caught. 

Plus, we can also help track the IP of the buyer with the help of name & email. To help you catch anyone who does any such thing.

Right Click Disabled In Membership Area

Nobody can go to the source of your videos by doing a simple right click. We have disabled that functionality. 

For the paid courses we have the OTT level streaming to avoid piracy.

For the free courses, the right click disable feature will help you secure your free programs as well in which you will be uploading videos through some 3rd party video hosting provider. Example - Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc


Security Layer On Videos

We have added an extra security layer in FlexiFunnels course membership area, where all the videos are layered with our security codes, so the video extra features and buttons are disabled.

This is particularly helpful for your free courses that you will host on any 3rd party video hosting service. 

Users will not be able to click on the other video settings that comes by default from the video hosting provider.

Drag & Drop Modules & Lesson

As the name suggests you can easily drag & drop the modules & lessons and arrange them the way you like.

They get saved automatically.
Saving you an extra step :)

Mobile optimized Course View and courses

Although course watching pre-dominantly happens on the big screens (laptops/desktops), but there is a good amount of audience that prefers to watch courses on mobile.

ALL your courses inside FlexiFunnels are fully mobile optimised. Your course students can log in to their mobile and can have a seamless learning experience.

Import Course Videos Using Playlist

Import your course content by just pasting the playlist URL from Youtube and all the videos inside the Youtube playlist will be imported in a single click and will be added as separate lessons.

P.S - This you can use when you want to use Youtube videos for course hosting (maybe your free course).


Drip Feed Content

You can drip feed your course content (modules/lessons) to your students on a specific date or on specific days interval.

It means your course students will only be able to watch the drip feeded content when the specific number of days has passed (example - let's say 7 days). 

This is very helpful to avoid refunds from students who quickly want to go through the entire course within the refund period and then apply for the refund. 


Add Resources

Let's say you want to deliver some downloadable file along with some course videos or maybe a link to some externally hosted file, you can do both with the "Add Resources" feature.

Your added "Resource" will be visible below the selected lessons that your students can access just by clicking on it.

Multiple courses inside one membership

You can make multiple courses in FlexiFunnels inside one membership area & login.

All the courses created inside one membership will be displayed to all of your students, but only the accessible courses which they have purchased can be accessed. Others will remain locked.

We are soon adding the feature with which you will be able to redirect users to a sales page when they click on the locked courses. 


Divide your single course into multiple bundles containing limited modules & lessons

You can choose to sell different versions of your single course. Let's say a lite & a premium version. Only the modules & lessons which are selected in a bundle will be unlocked. The remaining will be locked.

This is a great way of upselling your course students. 

Even if they have purchased the "lite" version of your course, all the other course videos will stay remain present in front of them. But when they click on it, FlexiFunnels will prompt them to enroll to the other course & your sales page link will be shown. Helping you to upsell your existing customers on automation.

Bundle Upselling - Option to add sales page/checkout page link in the locked lessons of a course

This is the feature we just explained above. 

Check out the image to see the prompt that will be visible to your course students when they click on the locked lessons/modules. 

This way you can convert your students from basic level courses to advance level courses.


Adding more lessons to the same bundle will also give access to the existing customers

Just in case you want to add more content in a particular course/bundle, you can simply add the content and update in the bundle settings.

This will automatically provide lessons access to the students having access to the bundle.

Manual access creation & deletion  option (On Request)

Manually send access to your students by just by adding the required information in the manual access creation form.

Access is sent automatically via email in case of manual access creation.


Import members via CSV (On Request)

Bulk import members into a course by using a CSV file.

Course access will be shared with all the students automatically via email.

Automatic Access Credentials sent via email via your name & email Id

After the successful purchase of your course, your customers will receive the access credentials on the registered email instantly with your name as the sender name and your email id as the sender email id.


Automatic buyer access is shown on the Thank You page

After the successful purchase of a course, the user gets redirected to a thank you page where the course access credentials are displayed instantly and the user is able to access the course on the spot.

This is a huge feature. 

Being a successful course creator myself, I can tell you that this feature is a life saver and a massive revenue booster. 

Let me explain why...

If you are a course seller or maybe a course buyer too in the past, you would be familiar with the following statements:

“Your access will be there in your email within 5 minutes”

And this...

”Also please check your spam folder for access email”


And the best one....

=> “Didn’t receive access? Our support team is looking into it. We will find your payment & then match it with the database & figure out why you didn’t receive your access. We appreciate your patience meanwhile.”

Looks familiar, right?

Do you realize how big a problem it is for any course seller?

Let’s try & understand...

The best thing that any course creator can do for their customer is give them access to the course that they just purchased right away.

Seems like a pretty simple thing.

But this exactly is what 90% of the course creators are not able to do (not because of their fault) & hence they see refund queries coming in.

Think about it.

Any course buyer before purchasing a program has all sorts of insecurities in his/her mind. And right after the payment they are already thinking in their mind whether I made the right decision or not… (so they are already short on confidence. Not on you but their own self)...
…. and the next thing that happens is they have to search for the access. Why?

Because the zap or email SMTP or any other integration between 2 or 3 different products is not working fine & it delayed sending the access.
Maybe just by 5 minutes. That’s pretty normal for Zapier.

BUTthe customer who has just paid for the course has already become short on confidence. This time on you.
(Seems like a perfect recipe for thinking about getting a refund).

They need access right away.
And not search for it in different gmail folders or the spam folder.

With FlexiFunnels The Advantage Is That The Checkout Page & The Course Membership Area Are Both Hosted By FlexiFunnels Only.

So there is never a delay in sending course access to your customers.

A lot of good things happen because of that:

  • Your customers get access right away
  • Less support tickets. No customer likes reaching out to the support portal. Trust me.
  • You will have one centralized place to run your entire business. So even you or your support team don’t have to run into 2 or 3 different softwares to see whether the person has paid or not & why the access didn’t go
  • Saving at least 1 out of 100 refund queries right away
  • Saving the fraction loss of confidence that your customers would have had because of the delay of access

If you are a course seller, you know the value & importance of your customer’s confidence in you. That's what FlexiFunnels brings into the picture for you. More happy customers = more referrals & less support tickets.

And don’t forget the cost it saves because of all the 3rd party integrations.

Well these are all the incredible features we have added to the course membership area.

All of these combined will help you generate more revenue. We have taken care of the course security, easy access, upselling, saving refunds and ease of creation for you. While we continue to think more and add more features so you can scale your courses & Revenue with ease. 

You Can Do So Much More With FlexiFunnels

On this page I showed you how powerful the FlexiFunnels Membership Course is. But there is so much more you can do with FlexiFunnels.

Check below all the individual advanced features of FlexiFunnels in detail:


Editor & Hosting

Drag & Drop Website/Sales Funnel Builder. Fastest Loading CDN Hosting.



Host Your Courses. Piracy Protected Dashboard With Your Branding



Converting Checkout Pages Proven To Give You More Sales & Higher Average Order Value.



All Necessary Integrations To Help You Run Your Online Business On Automation



Highly Detailed Reporting Dashboard Covering In-Depth Stats Of Your Leads & Sales


Flexi Advanced

See Page Wise Conversion Stats So You Can Optimize &


Flexi Advanced Funnel Logics

Go Beyond Just A Single Price Variation Of Upsells &

FlexiFunnels Will Help Your Business Stand Out & Scale Fast

With FlexiFunnels you have got all the features to help you get better conversions at every single stage of your business.

FlexiFunnels will help you to…


Increase Your LEADS

The fast-loading pages of FlexiFunnels will decrease your bounce rate. Our professional templates will help you convert more leads. Advanced FlexiFunnels styling options will enhance your brand value which results in more leads. Our custom form builder lets you create vertical or horizontal or pop-up-based forms as per your converting design. You can add as many fields as you want. We store & show you all of your data in the reports dashboard.


Increase Your SALES

Professional checkout page templates of FlexiFunnels convert more visitors into sales. Elements like timers, coupons, value stacking, secure payment seal and testimonials on the checkout page lead to more conversions. We have a date timer, evergreen timer & day timer… you can choose between the 3 of them & decide to run even evergreen campaigns. Cart abandon feature helps you recover your lost sales.


Increase Average Order Value & Lifetime Customer Value And Save Your Losses

Bump offers, advanced multi-pricing funnels, course bundling and automated upselling increase your average order value & lifetime customer value. Security features like course piracy protection, DDOS protected pages, AWS based auto-scaling mechanism saves your overall business losses. Automatic product access delivery and necessery integration lead to happier
customers. And saves the refund of course.


Long Term Growth & Easy Management

The subscription payment feature brings more long-term revenue. Our advanced Analytics shows you where exactly your business needs optimization so you can focus & grow your conversions there. And our in-depth reporting dashboard helps you manage your entire business from one single place.

And The Best Part Is:

You Can Do All Of It From One Single FlexiFunnels
Dashboard On Complete Automation.

Just set it once & let it do the job for you day in & day out. Completely automated.

This is where FlexiFunnels really stands apart & it helps you stand out from the crowd!!

Don’t Have a Business
Of Your Own?

See How Newbie Entrepreneurs Are Making $500-$1,500 Per Project By Providing
Website, Sales Funnel Creation Services To Clients Using FlexiFunnels

There are tons & tons of our members who are generating a great income by providing website & sales funnel creation services to clients.

As many as 1,00,000+ new domains & businesses get registered DAILY (Source - WhoisDS ). So there is never a shortage of new businesses looking to get these services.

We have included our “Client Getting Training” in your access that will show you how you can research new clients, reach out to them & close them for your services.

You can easily provide website/ funnel/ product sales/ course creation/ lead generation and more services to clients using FlexiFunnels. Some of which you can even deliver to your clients within a day by using the DFY setup of FlexiFunnels.

Some of our members are charging anywhere between $500-$1,500 per website. And for other services, you can get paid even higher.

And then you can offer your clients more marketing services like Traffic, Funnels, Copywriting, Email Marketing and Conversions after learnings from the trainings we have provided you.

Thousands of success stories of our members is a proof that this works:


FlexiFunnels Saves You Thousands Of Dollars Per Month

Let’s See How Much Money FlexiFunnels Saves A Normal Customer

Product / Service



Advanced CDN Hosting

All Included



Funnel Builder

All Included


$1,200/Year Min

CheckOut Platform

All Included


$1,200/Year Min

Course Membership Platform

All Included


$600/Year Min

Integration With Major Autoresponders & Webinar Platforms

All Included


$360/Year Min.

Advanced Analytics

All Included

No such platform

Detailed Data & Reports

All Included

No such platform


Just $447/Year

$3,859/Year Minimum

+Add Element

Today Special

+Add Element

Minimum Saving of $3,500 Per Year


Minimum Saving of $3,500 Per Year

Ready To Get Started?

Pick the plan that best suits your requirements right now…


Professional Plan









Payment Gateway










1% transaction fee on all transactions

$ 447 /Year


Limited Offer









Payment Gateway










1% transaction fee on all transactions

$ 447 /Year


Premium Plan









Payment Gateway










1% transaction fee on all transactions

$ 697 /Year


Limited Offer









Payment Gateway










1% transaction fee on all transactions

$ 447 /Year

We have negotiated discounted pricing with payment gateways. So we save you money there as well

To Quickly Summarise What You Are Getting…


Drag & drop page builder along with 300+ ready-to-use page templates to make any kind of landing page or website for yourself or your clients


Fastest CDN hosting for your pages that loads even the heaviest of pages in less than 3 seconds max


Course membership area which is fully piracy protected and also helps you upsell your other products on automation


Conversion optimized checkout pages to increase your sales


Data integration for leads & sales with autoresponders, webinar platforms, and via webhook


Multiple marketing tools like advanced sales funnel logics, coupons, bump offers, date/day/evergreen timers, cart abandon payment recovery system, subscription payment feature, course drip-feed feature, pop-ups, auto product access delivery and much more to increase your overall business revenue


Detailed reporting dashboard showing leads & sales data with detailed filters so you can manage everything in one place


Detailed analytics showing the conversion stats of all of your pages so you can immediately improve your conversions

More importantly, all of this inside one single FlexiFunnels dashboard. So you don’t have to pay the subscription fee for at least 10 different softwares, and the extra management (headache) that is required to manage & make them work all together. You can do all of it now right inside FlexiFunnels.

FlexiFunnels Will Help You If You Are A...



Use FlexiFunnels for your clients' work & generate income. FlexiFunnels users on average have got paid $500-$3,000 per website, funnel and course creation project.



Give superior results to your clients because of the high-tech security, speed & advanced features of FlexiFunnels. This in turn will help you to charge more from them.


Product Owner

Increase your leads & sales using the advanced marketing & sales features of FlexiFunnels. Some of our customers have seen an instant 2X growth in their business after shifting to FlexiFunnels.



Learn how to get clients through our client getting workshop and start offering website, funnel and course creation services to clients. Also, if you have a product idea, launch it using FlexiFunnels.


Digital Marketer

You need the BEST tool in the market to maximize your digital marketing skills. FlexiFunnels gives you all the advanced features to get you the best results using your skills.


Network Marketer

The holy grail of network marketing business is getting more leads. FlexiFunnels advanced marketing features will help you get more leads. Use them to get more sales.


Local Business

The world has quickly shifted to making purchase decisions online. Get your business online using our simple drag & drop technology and grow your business.


Affiliate Marketer

Make bridge funnels, lead gen funnels or nurturing funnels to get affiliate marketing sales on automation.


Course Creator

FlexiFunnels is the most secured & easy to use course hosting platform. From course hosting to selling to delivering access, you can do it all with FlexiFunnels.



Generate an extra income by creating lead gen funnels or selling quick products on your blog using high-converting FlexiFunnels templates.


Social Media Influencer

Create automated lead gen funnels. Or quickly create quick info products (ebooks, courses) and put them for selling using FlexiFunnels. This will help you generate extra income.


Physical Product Seller

FlexiFunnels can help you if you create single product sales funnels. Example - Books, Cosmetics, Supplements, etc. You cannot do a multi-product store on FlexiFunnels yet. (Being honest).

Premium Support

(Sincerely yours)


Live Chat Support & Ticketing System

We believe in providing support when you need it. We have live chat support executives sitting from 9 AM - 10 PM (IST timezone) as of now. They are very well trained to handle all your queries in real-time. And just in case, a query cannot be resolved immediately or it comes outside the live chat window, that query can be converted into a support ticket which we resolve as quickly as possible.


Detailed Features Knowledgebase & Trainings

We have a detailed knowledge base with step-by-step articles for every single feature. Plus, we have created detailed training for every feature with English subtitles. All in all, you will find the answers for everything you are looking for right inside our knowledgebase & tutorials section.


3 Complimentary 1-on-1 Onboarding Calls

We want to help you get started in the fastest possible way. You can book a 1-on-1 personalized call with our specialist team at your date & time convenience. It’s for you to ask any queries that you may have so that you don’t have to figure out everything on your own. We are more than happy to help you achieve your goals using FlexiFunnels.


Bi-Weekly Live FlexiFunnels Q&A Session

We do a live Q&A session for our customers every alternate Friday. Wherein you can ask your queries, and also learn from the queries of the other customers.

Customers Feel Happy & Confident Using FlexiFunnels

We have received rave reviews from the beta users of FlexiFunnels about the product as well as about our customer support. Please have a look…


Sid G


The Best tool!

Just Amazing creating of landing pages was never so easy. I am excited with all these features which not only save time but makes life easy!


Raj Arora


I found Flexifunnels easy and very…

I found Flexifunnels easy and very useful for my business. I am going to use it fully to gain more leads & sales.
The best part is it's all automated in many aspects. we just need to fill in the basic info and design our pages. The best part is it's friendly for non-tech people also.


Saikat Chowdhury


One of the best funnel builders in the market

One of the best funnel builders in the market. Fully up to date, self-explanatory, easy to understand, and user-friendly. Thank you for providing such an all-in-one mechanism.


Varun Berry


Dream True for a Non-Techee Person

Being from a Non-Tech Background, I would say that this is something which can gives wings to a innovative and independent person or a team who would like to create their products, landing pages and lot more. I express my sincere and deepest gratitude to the entire team to bring this unimaginable product to us. Thank You


Jagruti Surange


Whole , complete and perfect

Whole, Complete and Perfect.
Flexi funnel is just a complete set,
The most beautiful and most easy landing page builder.
Almost every thing ready. And most important it's so user-friendly.


Sagar Poojary


User Friendly Product

A prominent feature of FlexiFunnels is that it's user friendly and designed with the end user in mind.

In order to use FlexiFunnel, you do not need to have any advanced technical skills. By thoroughly going through the training and webinar recordings uploaded under FLEXIFUNNELS - TRAININGS, in 2 -3 days, you will learn most of the things quickly and easily.


Sourav Ghosh


Affordable and Super powerful Funnel builder …

I had been looking for a powerful funnel builder and couldn't find anything that matched my needs until I found Flexi Funnel. It is the only tool in the market to have the level of functionality I needed at an affordable price point. They also offer free hosting and provide 24/7 support. It is so easy to use and brought my funnel to life!


Suchait Goel


A one-stop solution for all your…

A one-stop solution for all your business. I personally was looking to build my website for so much time and procrastinating just because of the challenging interface of other page builders or their high expenses. But now when I have got ready-made premium templates from Flexi-Funnels it has made it truly a breeze. Also, the speed you get is genuinely incredible. 100% recommendable.


Vishist kumar


The experience is wonderful

The experience is wonderful, the easiest tool I have seen in the market, I would say even better than click funnels at times, the best part is - Saves a lot of money, Energy, and Time.


Husain Dhamangamwala


Best Software till date

It's the best software I have used till now. I have used many software earlier but this one beats everything.


Malay Ray


I am loving to working in this…

I am loving to working in this platform. Flexifunnels made my work more easier to create landing pages. I have already made two pages and soon going to create multiple pages. Great support from the team and training is also awesome. You don't need to be an expert to use this. What is need attention, consistency that's all.


Ganesh Palshetkar


Simply A Wonderful Tool...

Thank you very much Mr Shubhadeep for wonderfully explaining the insight of Flexifunnel in short span of time. It was really a wonderful platform through which, I can now think of creating first Landing page of my own by simply drag and drop method, which I never thought off so easy. Now my first target is to create one landing page as soon as possible.

Once again thank you very much Mr Shubhadeep.




I have been working on flexifunnels for…

I have been working on flexifunnels for a while, the interface is easy to use. However, faced some challenges while building the page but their knowledge base is very helpful and support are available during working hours with quick chat support.
The best thing if you are starting out they have 3 booster calls where you can book a personalized call. Which is very very helpful, all the best to the team flexifunnels. Waiting for the grand launch.




Tool of the Year!

It was a great meeting with the FlexiFunnel team on a Zoom call. Professional, Knowledgeable, and Supportive!
These are the words that define the team.
I'm also stunned by the features on the platform. It will be extremely helpful in making my digital journey a piece of a cake.


Sk Rakesh


I have used the best software in the…

I have used the best software in the world so far. The biggest thing is that the support system Flexi team is fantastic as the name FlexiFunnels has given so much flexibility. No need to use multiple software platforms is a combination of various software, like automation and internal integration.


Poonam Rajharia


It was a wonderful and very helpful…

It was a wonderful and very helpful session by Siddhant Ji and Archana Ji.

Siddhant ji has taught me like a newbie and guided me to make my first Landing page. Which has given me lots of confidence.




I really love this funnel builder

I really love this funnel builder, creating landing pages and funnels is so easy and smooth that I love using it.
Anyone who wants to start their online business must have this software without any matter of doubt.


Nikhisma Hacks


Really easy and flexible funnel builder…

Really easy and flexible funnel builder . Has all the necessary details and tutorials built in . Also has all the templates that make funnel building really easy and has all the necessary integration with payment gateways and autoresponders .


Lokesh Rai


This is really a great tool for…

This is really a great tool for marketers and funnel builder i must say nobody will provide this amount of resource as like flexi funnel highly recommended to you buy this amazing funnel builder,.


Bhushan Patil


My experience with FlexiFunnels is Awesome

My experience with FlexiFunnels is amazing, there are very flexible and simple ways to build a successful funnel. Email integration with any autoresponder is easy and we can attach a payment getaway easily! Thanks to Saurabh sir for making such wonderful funnel-building software.


Viney Kumar


Usages of FlexiFunnel is Very Easy

Usages of FlexiFunnel is Very Easy. We can create Products and Landing Pages and Courses also on the Same Platform and we don't need to Use 4-5 Different softwares for the same which i like the most. Thanks for a Beautiful Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How exactly will FlexiFunnels help me?

Inside FlexiFunnels, you are getting everything you need to set up an online business. From making landing pages and websites to collecting leads to selling them products and delivering access to those products. Everything can be done inside FlexiFunnels.

Q. How will I get support if I get stuck anytime?

We have well-trained live chat support that’s available from 9 AM-10 PM from Monday to Saturday & 9 AM-6 PM on Sunday. IST timezone. You can find the live chat support option in the bottom right of your FlexiFunnels account. So simply reach out to us & we will help you immediately.

Q. My pages/courses will be on my domain? Will it also have FlexiFunnels branding?

The pages made on FlexiFunnels will be on the FlexiFunnels sub-domain by default. However, you can connect them with your domain (simple 2 click process inside FlexiFunnels), and then your pages, courses will be on your domain with your branding.

Q. What all kinds of apps can I integrate with?

We have an integration with payment gateway, autoresponder, and webinar platforms so you can collect payments and also pass leads/sales data to these apps in case you are using them. If you are an advanced user, we also have a Webhook feature to pass your data anywhere.

Q. Is it based on Windows or Mac? Do I need to install something to use FlexiFunnels?

FlexiFunnels is a cloud-based application. This means you can use it on your web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla using any system just by logging in. You can use FlexiFunnels just like you use Facebook simply by logging in using your browser. So you don’t need to install anything ever to use FlexiFunnels.

Q. Are there any long-term contracts?

NO. You can simply use FlexiFunnels based on a monthly or yearly subscription and cancel anytime you want.

Q. How do I get the updates? Do I need to pay for it?

Absolutely not. We regularly update FlexiFunnels with new features & site templates. You get access to all of them for FREE. And since FlexiFunnels is cloud-based so all the updates are applied automatically.

Q. Is there any refund guarantee?

For the new users, we have a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. So you can simply join today & use FlexiFunnels with the security that your money is safe.

Q. How soon will I get access to FlexiFunnels after the payment?

Immediately. Access will be automatically delivered to your email inbox immediately after the payment.

Q. What will happen to my leads & sales data if I cancel my account?

You won’t be able to access your data in case you cancel your account. But don’t worry you can use the “Export CSV” feature to download your leads & sales data before cancelling your account. Your data will be accessible back again when you join again.

Q. When my business scales, would FlexiFunnels be able to handle the load?

100% YES. FlexiFunnels is based on the auto-scaling tech of the biggest cloud computing platform in the world “AWS” (Amazon Web Servers). This means we can handle any amount of load and you won’t lose any lead or sale ever.

Q. Can I use FlexiFunnels for my clients?

Absolutely YES. We have no restrictions. You can make pages, websites and courses for your clients on FlexiFunnels. You can even connect your clients’ domain, payment gateway and autoresponders to manage everything using your FlexiFunnels account.

Q. Is my leads & sales data secure? Can somebody else also use it?

Your leads & sales data is 100% secured and only you can use it. It’s only gonna be visible to you only inside your reporting dashboard in your FlexiFunnels account. Nobody ever sees it or uses it including FlexiFunnels.

Q. Will my clients get to know that I have used FlexiFunnels for the project?

You can connect your clients’ domains for their pages/websites/courses. So they won’t see FlexiFunnels branding anywhere.

Let’s Start Now…

From Grabbing Visitors' Attention To Converting Them Into Leads And Sales… You Can Do It All Using FlexiFunnels!!


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