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Take a Look at Everything We Have Done To Develop
FlexiFunnels Into an Enterprise-Grade Software

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Fastest hosting servers & advanced optimization have been used for your websites & pages to load super quick

If you are aware of tools like GTMetrix, and Google Page Insights, they show all the page optimization improvements that can be done to help load a page fast.
We have created the tech to auto-apply all those optimizations to all the pages, websites, and funnels that you will make with FlexiFunnels.
Plus, we have the fastest loading CDN in place for your website distribution.
So all your pages will be loading super quick all the time all across the world.


AWS auto-scaling que to ensure your leads/sales processes never fail

As you scale your online business, your leads/sales frequency will grow. We have used AWS auto-scaling que structure to ensure none of your processes will ever fail because of the server. So whether you have 100 people signing up or even 1 Lakh at the same time, the auto-scaling tech ensures that all of your processes will happen without any hassles while ensuring that your data is never lost.

Website/ Pages won’t be down

One of the major reasons why many pages built on landing page builders often get down is because of the continuous app development that keeps going on in the backend. We have put our backend app development & frontend pages of our customers on completely different servers. So even when we are doing continuous backend app development, your website/pages will never get down because of the totally separate servers.


Automatic SSL

All your pages, websites, and funnels you build on FlexiFunnels are SSL enabled automatically. So you don’t have to spend your time & energy worrying about it. While your pages will show a “secure” sign all the time to your customers.

Run a Full Fledged Digital Marketing Agency Using FlexiFunnels

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Users can easily provide website/funnel/course creation services to clients using FlexiFunnels which they can even deliver to their clients within a day by using the DFY templates in FlexiFunnels.

A user can easily get paid anywhere from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 Lakh on an average per website. And for courses, they can get paid even higher.

Then they can offer their clients marketing services on top of the above mentioned services.

Best Part....


We have included tutorials inside FlexiFunnels that teach our users how to research clients and how to approach & close them. Plus, we have also included training for Traffic, Marketing, Copywriting, Course creation, Course marketing, and Email Marketing for our users to learn from and become better in all of them whether they want to implement for their own business or their clients' business.

So a user can run a full-fledged online marketing agency using FlexiFunnels.






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